The FRANK Project is a community incubator that supports and motivates entrepreneurial young adults in Columbus on their path to becoming creative powerhouses. FRANK is a 501(c)(3) non-profit outshoot of Franklinton Press, a screen-printing company in Franklinton. The 10-week program, targeted to underserved Columbus youth, allows participants to gain business experience through the screen-printing process. We show the process from start to finish, teaching business and creative skills along the way through classes, workshops, and events. The ultimate program goal is for students to create their own brand with products available for sale to the public. We provide an opportunity, to those that may not have one otherwise, to become a professional artist, designer, creative, and/or business owner.


The initial program, called Foundations, is open to sixteen students and is free to attend. The program is financed by Franklinton Press and community sponsors. Throughout the program, students learn how to design, print, and sell a printed piece of merchandise. Students will learn everything from how to use design tools to the basics of financial literacy to how to work with vendors. By the end, students will have a better understanding of what it takes to build and run a small creative business.

An incubator for young and creative minds
Help us build an equitable and representative creative business scene in Columbus, Ohio!